South Africa Creation
Pinotage is all South Africa. A crossing between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut in the early 1900's created this national variety and the South Africans have worked for decades to tame the grape. Luckily, winemakers discovered how to turn this variety into high-quality wine and their results are delicious.

Notable Facts
Pinotage is a hardy, rustic grape, with gamey and smoky mixing with wild berry flavors. The styles of wine can differ, depending on the winemaker's choices of fermentation temperature and oak. Almost always a deep, dark color, it can be an easy-drinking wine with upfront wild berry flavors, or it can lean towards smoky, musty undertones with firmer tannins. Both styles are quite good - particularly paired with some tasty barbeque. Get to know the producer to find out which style you prefer.

Summing it up
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smoky, wild berry, gamey

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