Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc
(pee-no blahnk)

Pretty and Simple
A mutation of the Pinot family, Pinot Blanc was once commonly mistaken for Chardonnay - it looks quite similar on the vine. But true Pinot Blanc lacks most Chardonnay characteristics. The grape is most at home in Alsace, where it is used both in blends as well as a sole varietal. It's also found in Italy where it's called Pinot Bianco.

Notable Facts
Wine made from Pinot Blanc often has fuller-body, but it is not a grape known for its aromatics. The fragrance of a Pinot Blanc is typically neutral and subdued. The delicate aromas that are present are most often apples, pears, some minerality. It's a refreshing wine with good acidity. It is also the base variety for Cremant d'Alsace (the sparking wine of Alsace).

Summing it up
Successful Sites: Alsace, Italy, Oregon

Common Descriptors:
apple, pear, nut, minerals, light, dry, pleasant

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