Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah
(peh-TEET seer-AH)
Not So Small
There is nothing petite about this grape. Petite Sirah, the result of a crossing between Syrah and Peloursin, is also known as Durif. Being the father, Syrah imparted some of its flavors and characteristics to its offspring, but the two grapes are decisively different. Petite Sirah is mostly found in California, where it gained popularity as a blending partner, but has come into its own as a single varietal wine.

Notable Facts
A common descriptor for Petite Sirah is inky. And so it is - the dark skinned grape creates wines that are tannic, sturdy, jammy and of course, stain-your-teeth purple. As a blender, the grape helps to add structure and backbone to wines made in not-so-perfect vintages. As a sole variety, the wine typically shows off a peppery spice, with concentrated fruit flavors reminiscent of plums and prunes with notes of cherries and blackberries. The variety continues to gain respect in California for single varietal production and making some delicious and intense wines.

Summing it up
Successful Sites:
California, South Africa

Common Descriptors:
Inky, peppery, prunes, black fruit, leather

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