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Date Printed: 5/23/2015
Peter Lehmann Vintage Port 1995
Peter Lehmann Vintage Port 1995
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This concentrated wine has been made from low yielding Shiraz and Touriga vines grown in the dry, western area of the Barossa. Vinification methods are similar to those for Port and fortification is done using high quality, richly flavoured brandy spirit. The wine is then matured in old 300 litre hogsheads for 12 months prior to bottling. The colour is deep red-black, the flavour rich in blackberry and aniseed with a firm, drying finish as would be traditionally expected. This is a wine that will benefit for a further 20 years or so of careful cellaring.

Sip it with a good cheese at the end of a meal or with freshly cracked walnuts on a bearskin rug in front of an open fire with suitable company.

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About Peter Lehmann:

The history of Peter Lehmann Wines is intrinsically linked to the events that made the Barossa famous. Formed in 1979 by Peter Lehmann to assist the grape growers of the region who at the time were facing financial ruin, they now enjoy the rewards of longstanding friendships and loyalty. Each vintage, over 160 grape growers supply Peter Lehmann with the best fruit from over 900 of the best vineyards located throughout the Barossa. These amazing resources enable them to craft wines for every occasion, including their flagship, Stonewall. Peter Lehmann Wines has developed a reputation as one of Australia's most respected, energetic and innovative premium wine producers and today, the team continues to create wines that delight wine lovers around the globe.