Perry Creek Vineyards

At Perry Creek Vineyards, you might find the winery owner, Michael Chazen, answering the phone or pouring wines to eager visitors. We operate a very hands-on winery, are passionate about our craft, and want to ensure that our customers receive the absolute highest quality product we’re capable of producing.

One of the few female winemakers in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Nancy Steel is an accomplished winemaker with 15 years of experience. Nancy’s approach is very “hands-on,” and her expertise, winemaking style, and dedication has led to many award-winning wines at Perry Creek Vineyards.

Our vineyard manager, Bill Bertram, is a 20-yearveteran of grape growing. He knows his way around Sierra Foothill vineyards, having started the very first winery in the Fairplay area of El Dorado County. He has also worked at D'Agostini and Karly Vineyards,and brings an enormous talent to Perry Creek Vineyards.

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