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Date Printed: 4/26/2015
Pepi Sauvignon Blanc 2004
Pepi Sauvignon Blanc 2004
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screw cap wine

PRICE ON 4/26/2015: $11.99

Winemaker's Notes:

An unabashedly jazzy blend that features vibrant aromas of thyme and tarragon, grass and gooseberry alongside flavors of grapefruit and tropical fruits. Crisp, lively acidity keeps driving through to the clean, zingy finish. Bright, fruity and refreshing--everything you want in a dinner wine.

The screw cap will keep the wine fresh while eliminating the possibility of cork taint.

My Notes:

About Pepi:

Pepi Winery is well-known for crafting the quintessential California Sangiovese, stellar Sauvignon Blanc, and crisp Pinot Grigio, and winemaker Chris Johnson is committed to using environmentally sound vineyard practices along with an unpretentious style of winemaking to create everyday wines with intensity and focus.

A winding path through the world of wine brought Johnson in January 2001 to Pepi (owned by Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates in Napa Valley). Chris went to work in 1996 for Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates. Less than two years later he took on the job of winemaker at the original Kendall-Jackson winery in Lake County.

Pepi is something different, however, Chris said he loves its spontaneous, risk-taking approach to wine. He favors the crisp, unfettered and natural character of those varietals in his Pepi bottlings. And his experience with Pinot Grigio in New York and Sauvignon Blanc in Lake County prepared him to master two of Pepi's leading wines. It's all part of forming a closer kinship with the creative magic/science of winemaking. "The natural cycles, the creatively, skill, great people, beautiful land - all the connections come together in wine," Chris said. "Just punching down, you see the skins, the red juice bubbling away. There's something about that whole transformation. It's cool."