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Date Printed: 6/30/2016
Patianna Sauvignon Blanc 2004
Patianna Sauvignon Blanc 2004
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PRICE ON 6/30/2016: $14.99

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2003 Wine Enthusiast rating: 90 points

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"A sensational Sauvignon Blanc, among the best this year. Filled with clean, vibrant citrus and tropical fruit flavors and juicy acids, and completely without any cloying edge of sweetness."
-Wine Enthusiast

The wine's aromas – Honeydew melon, orange peel and anise – are typically produced by grapes grown biodynamically in Patianna's gravelly, sandy loam soil. Vibrant grapefruit and lemon flavors predominate. The wine's weighty finish shows a subtle mineral quality.

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About Patianna Organic Vineyards:

Patti Fetzer Burke and her husband Kieran Burke are producing wine from their Patianna Organic Vineyard, a 126-acre property nestled alongside the Russian River in Mendocino County. Patianna's inspiration comes from the tenets of Biodynamic farming, the mindfulness of the partners and the traditions of the Fetzer family. Grape growing is an extension of their belief that exceptional quality in wine is achieved when the land, the farmer and the winemaker operate in harmony. The flavor, structure and texture of Patianna's wine reflect the partners' progressive farming techniques, practices based on a broad knowledge of and deep respect for the cycles of nature.

Patianna approaches winegrowing through lessons learned from Patti's father, Barney Fetzer, who often said, "Many footprints in the vineyard show that the vines are well-cared for." At Patianna Organic Vineyards, the footprints belong to Patti, Kieran, Winemaker Steve Ryan, vineyard foreman Horacio Ortega and his field crew, abundant indigenous wildlife - and flocks of resident chickens patrolling for insect pests. Keen observation guides grape growing at Patianna, and farming constantly adjusts to the conditions of the vines, soil and season.

Biodynamic grape growing harmonizes with Steve Ryan's winemaking. An accomplished, attentive winemaker, Steve believes in natural fermentation with indigenous yeast and minimal manipulation of the wine, allowing the intense flavors from Patianna's healthy vines to convey a true sense of place, their organic roots in Mendocino County