There is little space between earth and heaven—or so it seems—in the Limarí Valley in northern Chile. With its endless blue skies and liquid sunlight, the region's organic vineyards appear like an oasis amid this semi-arid desert valley. But it's certainly no illusion, as Limarí is just one region of Chile that is perfectly suited to organic viticulture. Our partners at Palin are at the forefront of this exciting organic movement.

Palin's philosophy is “compromise and care for the environment,” a unique (and historically unusual) stance for Chilean viticulture. Turning away from long-standing traditions of mass and mechanical cultivation in the country, Palin seeks to encourage what Chile is already preternaturally capable of—the production of organic wines. To “compromise” suggests viticulture that is not forced or unnaturally manipulated, allowing the vine to reach its full potential in each region. To “care” is to strike a balance between the demands of agriculture and the stewardship of the soil—in using natural composts and beneficial crops, as just a few examples. Chile's temperate weather, suitable soils and generally healthy vineyards equal pure wines at their pinnacle of terroir expression.

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