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Date Printed: 2/26/2017
Owen Roe Abbot's Table 2010
Owen Roe Abbot's Table 2010
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PRICE ON 2/26/2017: $23.99

Winemaker's Notes:

Always a favorite, this vintage is just as unique as all the ones before it! The 2010 Abbot's Table is rich and plush, with rich, darkfruit flavors of blueberry, wild cherries, plum and black currants and is interlaced with notes of tobacco, cinnamon and savory spices.
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About Owen Roe:

Owen Roe O'Neill was a seventeenth century Irish Patriot, who dedicated his life to upholding the highest principles of political equality and freedom. His commitment to great things makes him an ideal model for us at Owen Roe, for we share his dedication to principle in our work to produce the wines of Owen Roe. At Owen Roe we do not compromise: only the best is good enough.

Jerry Owen, on the the vineyard side, and David O'Reilly, who makes the wine, have formed Owen Roe with a simple purpose: to produce excellent wines from grapes grown and cultivated in the best vineyards in the Pacific Northwest. We have selected top quality grapes from vineyards chosen because they are in areas that ripen fruit fully, and the fruit has excellent acidity and ph balance. These vineyards are in the Willamette, Mid-Columbia, Yakima, and Walla Walla valleys. Each vineyard is contracted by the acre, with strict controls on yields and vine development. The same high principles are found in the winery. We allow only minimal handling, racking by gravity, and excellent cooperage. From the fruit to the bottle, cork, and label, Owen Roe aims for the very best.

Each of the sites we work with are tendered by true craftsmen of the viticultural trade. The principle of good earth stewardship is very important to everyone we work with, so no herbicides or pesticides are used in our vineyards.