Nero d'Avola

Nero d'Avola
(NEH-roe Dah-VOE-lah)
Sicilian Style
Sicily, the warm island off the coast of Italy, has found its grape hero. Nero d'Avola has long been the indigenous grape variety of the area, but was originally relegated as a blending agent to add color and body to other wines of the region. In the past few decades, Nero d'Avola has come into its own, bringing Sicily well-deserved winemaking recognition.

Notable Facts
Also known as Calabrese, Nero d'Avola has become the most popular grape grown in Sicily, making wines from 100% of the variety rather than blended. Its wines are dark in color, big in fruit flavors, well-suited for oak and able to age for quite a few years, although most are good drinking upon release too.

Summing it up
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Common Descriptors: cherry, plum, raspberry, spice, smoke

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