Napa Wine Company

The building that now houses Napa Wine Company is actually a culmination of two historic winery properties. The oldest building originated in 1877. The newer of the two dates back to 1892. When my family acquired the winery in 1993 it had been operating as one facility for about 15 years. The history and heritage of the buildings and their past winemaking tenants is so important to my family that we "borrowed" several graphic elements from their names and labels when we were designing our own brand. We've also proudly incorporated our Bonded Winery #9 status into the company logo - reinforcing our wine heritage. The name Napa Wine Company itself has been resurrected from a former life in the 1930's & 40s.

The history of both buildings is fairly colorful covering Prohibition, World War II and a dramatic shift in wine consuming tastes from generic wines to varietal specific. We've charted not only the long, checkered history of the winery but also the colorful history of my wine-growing family.

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