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Date Printed: 4/25/2015
Mukune Root of Innocence Sake (300ML)
Mukune Root of Innocence Sake (300ML)
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International Wine Cellar rating: 88 points
PRICE ON 4/25/2015: $15.99

Winemaker's Notes:

Mellow and dry profile in which the flavor and the finish meld together, with plenty of the richness of the rice evident.

Yasutaka Daimon is the sixth-generation director of the family brewery. His kura (saké brewery) is blessed with a natural spring providing water which is rich in minerals and pure enough to be used in the production of excellent saké.

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About Mukune:

Daimon Shuzo, founded in 1826, is located at the foot of the scenic Ikoma mountain range in Katano City (near Osaka).

Katano occupies a well-known spot in Japanese history. During the Heian era (over 1000 years ago), the aristocracy of Western Japan flocked to Katano to enjoy the very beautiful scenery that abounded there including lovely cherry blossoms in the spring and the verdant surrounding mountains.

Hunting was the main sport of the gentry and cotton seed oil and silk production were the usual industries of the residents.

Sake production began during the Edo period, but of the many sake-producing firms originally present, only Daimon Shuzo and one other remain.