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Date Printed: 3/28/2015
Moroder Rosso Conero 2004
Moroder Rosso Conero 2004
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PRICE ON 3/28/2015: $15.99

Winemaker's Notes:

100% Montepulciano

A wine where you can smell the grape and recognize the vine. A tribute to the peculiarity of the tannins from the barrels that correctly balance the taste and fragrances.

Ruby red color, intense and bright. To the nose it recalls mature fruits, like maraschino cherries and green rind of walnut. An aftertaste of licorice is left behind with evident notes of cinnamon and plum. The aroma is full-bodied and marries ideally with its strength and roundness. At the end there is a pleasant trace of bitter almonds.

My Notes:

About Moroder:

The Moroder estate is located in Montacuto, that is, in the heart of the Cónero natural park and the Rosso Cónero DOC wine area. The vicinity of the hills of the area to the sea creates a unique microclimate which enables the quality Montepulciano vines cultivated here to thrive and, therefore, produce excellent quality Rosso Cónero wine.

The land has been property of the Moroder family since the beginning of the 19th century and now is experiencing a period of great vitality thanks to new policies aiming to create high quality wines. The success of these new and winning policies are also the result of the great dedication and love shown in wine production on the part of Alessandro Moroder and his wife Serenella.

The careful selection of grapes and the redesigning of the wood barrels are just a few of the secrets of the estate's success in producing "Dorico" wine, the excellence of which has been acknowledged by a number of esteemed publications.