Morande Winery
Viña Morandé was founded in 1996 with the aim of producing innovative wines of great quality, with a clear focus on the development of its brands. We have always prided ourselves on providing an excellent service and commitment to our customers, consumers and the environment.

To achieve this we have developed production processes and quality guarantees that includes the following: selection of terroirs, grape varieties and clones, vineyard architecture, advanced irrigation systems, organic management and systems for monitoring the growth, ripening and development of the fruit.

"The aim of our line wines is to express the virtues of the vineyard from which the grapes come with the least possible interference in the winemaking. We have achieved this thanks to the meticulous work carried out in our vineyards, where the key factor was the decision to plant each variety in its most appropriate place, bearing in mind the characteristics of the climate and soil. Another key factor is the differentiation of the micro-terroirs that exist within each vineyard, so that we can carry out specific vine-growing work in such as way as to obtain high-quality grapes. As a result, our wines are characterized by great balance in all aspects, plus an important structure in accordance with each variety, soil and climate in the vineyard. What we are searching for in each of our lines are harmonious, genuine wines that are an excellent representation of their type."
Ricardo Baettig, Winemaking Director

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