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Date Printed: 8/29/2015
Ministry of Vinterior Pinot Noir 2009
Ministry of Vinterior Pinot Noir 2009
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PRICE ON 8/29/2015: $18.99

Winemaker's Notes:

The Ministry of the Vinterior has spared no expense or effort in farming what it feels is a paradigm of this variety. But individual taste is subjective and the general population will decide the flavors and qualities it finds in the wine. As one of the world's most versatile food wines, Pinot Noir plays well with poultry, beef, fish, lamb and pork; with creamy sauces and spicy foods; with bare thighs and a rubber duck. It's the only wine the populace ever needs.
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About Ministry of Vinterior:

The Ministry’s pledge to supply to the general population wines of superior value is not the typical example of WineSpeak to which Ministry subjects have been here-to-for conditioned. Rather, The Ministry will work tirelessly on behalf of our loyal Ministry subjects, scrutinizing wine regions and vineyards world-wide, selecting only those which meet the Ministry's rigorous demands for quality, value and regional authenticity, and allegiance to the Party of the Vinterior in that vintage year. Henceforth, Ministry subjects are assured of complete satisfaction with superior quality wine rations which may come from Argentina, Sonoma, Bordeaux or beyond.