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Date Printed: 5/30/2016
Milbrandt Traditions Pinot Gris 2007
Milbrandt Traditions Pinot Gris 2007
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PRICE ON 5/30/2016: $11.29

Winemaker's Notes:

Pinot Gris is subtle. It doesn't assault with exotic fruit, viscosity or oak. Rather, it caresses the palate with nuanced flavors and a fine, elegant texture. Our 2007 has a fresh, clean nose of flowers, Granny Smith Apples and Anjou pears. The flavors are delicate, yet decisive. The finish is bright and minerally.
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About Milbrandt:

Butch and Jerry Milbrandt planted their first vineyard in 1997. In the ensuing decade, Milbrandt Vineyards earned a reputation for growing some of Washington State's finest grapes. These grapes have found their way into many of Washington's most sought-after wines and the Milbrandt name and vineyards are featured on many prestigious labels.

In 2006, under the talented direction of winemaker Gordon Hill, they began crafting signature wines using selected grapes from their reputable vineyards. Milbrandt's first wines were released in June 2007. The tradition for excellence established in their vineyards is inherent in every bottle of Milbrandt Vineyards wine.