Michel Rey

When we starting importing Michel Rey wines in 2001 it was in a stealthy sort of way. There was a good reason for this: we only imported 50 cases of our first barrel selection Mâcon-Vergisson "La Roche," our favorite Mâcon vineyard. Well, those cases disappeared literally overnight. A good thing doesn’t stay secret for long.

We were introduced to Michel Rey through his friend Daniel Barraud, one of our favorite Mâcon winemakers and a man we’ve christened the Vergisson "master of minerals,” as a tribute to his flinty, refreshing and complex white Burgundies. Barraud had taken Rey under his wing as a mentor, and suggested we check out his wines. Needless to say, we definitely liked what we tasted.

We made a quick visit to Rey’s tiny cellar stocked with just 10 barrels, which we bought and Rey bottled for us unfined and unfiltered. Now, we grab anything Rey makes. Recent vintages have seen stellar Mâcon-Vergisson "La Roche" wines, as well as a spectacular St. Véran and two Pouilly-Fuissé wines. Rey is truly a microproducer, with just 1,000 cases a year.

What we like about working with Michel Rey is his eagerness. He is an incredible listener who realizes that wines when properly crafted can be a quick ticket to international status. Rey wants all this, and more. If we had to characterize a “Ray style,” it would probably fall somewhere between the minerality of Daniel Barraud and the buttery plumpness of Roger Lassarat. Needless to say, this is a very delicious place to be.

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