No second fiddle
Merlot is coming back into its own. High popularity led to mass production, which then led to a backlash towards the variety (remember Miles in Sideways?). But passionate Merlot producers, and of course the right bank of Bordeaux, continued to produce quality versions of this grape. Merlot remains the principle grape of top chateaux in St-Émilion and Pomerol (think Petrus), not to mention its growth in popularity and quality in California and Washington State.

Notable Facts
Merlot flourishes both as a single varietal and as a blending agent. It's known for adding softness to the austere Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux blends in France, California and elsewhere. Chateau Petrus, perhaps one of the most expensive and sought-after wines of the world, is almost 100% Merlot. The grape exudes soft fruit flavors of plum and blackberry, but it's versatile - the style can change depending on the climate and soil. Merlot from mountain areas are usually more Cabernet like, with stronger structure and tannins, while Merlot from valley floor areas and clay-based soils are opulent, with velvelty texture, often approachable when young.

Summing it up
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