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Date Printed: 4/19/2015
McGuigan Brothers Tawny Personal Reserve Port (500ML)
McGuigan Brothers Tawny Personal Reserve Port (500ML)
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PRICE ON 4/19/2015: $19.99

Winemaker's Notes:

Colour: Strong tawny colour with faint red hues.

Nose: Raisin, sweet brandy overtones, figs and dates, cold tea, complex Rancio character associated with long barrel maturation.

Palate: Rich, viscous, raisin, caramel, and chocolate flavours, balanced perfectly with sweetness, acid and complex palate.

My Notes:

About McGuigan Brothers Wines:

McGuigan Brothers Wines was launched in 1990 by Fay and Brian McGuigan who helped make Wyndham Estate one of Australia's powerhouse wineries in the 1980's. Using grapes primarily from the Hunter Valley, McGuigan's philosophy is that "Australia can offer flavor and quality for a price that is unparalled." The goal of McGuigan Wines is to make soft, fruity wines that will appeal to a wide range of consumers.