(mahr-GOH) Silky Smooth

Soft, elegant, feminine… these are words often used to describe the wines of Margaux. The commune is different from its northern neighbors of the Haut-Médoc in both geography and style. Home to the name-sharing premier cru, Margaux lays a few marshlands south of St.-Julien.

Notable Facts

As in other Medoc appellations, Cabernet Sauvignon leads the blends of the region, but the percentage of Merlot in Margaux's wines is higher than other left bank communes. Add that to a diverse soil, lighter than that in the north, and you have a softer, more voluptuous wine. In the best years, wines of Margaux are delicate, elegant and refined - structured, but not austere. Chateau Margaux is, of course, a first growth and a highly esteemed and sought-after wine. Chateau Palmer, a third growth, is also well-respected and often commands prices equivalent of first growths. Look for Cru Bourgeois if you want to try the finesse of Margaux at a lower price.
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