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Date Printed: 4/25/2015
Lucien Albrecht Reserve Pinot Gris Romanus 2005
Lucien Albrecht Reserve Pinot Gris Romanus 2005
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PRICE ON 4/25/2015: $16.99

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2009 Wine Enthusiast rating: 89 points

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The Pinot Gris Cuvée Romanus is named for Romanus Albrecht, the first winegrower of the Albrecht wine family in 1425. It's 100% Pinot Gris and expresses the rich yet dry power and character of this exceptional varietal. Sweet floral flavors alongside crisp mineral notes make for an elegantly balanced wine. The clay/limestone soil gives the wine a creamy, velvety texture with a long finish.

Enjoy this wine with Cobb & shrimp salads, shellfish, poultry, and Asian inspired dishes. Semi-soft cheeses like Brie and Chevre will also complement it well. Alsatian whites characteristically age well due to their high acidity and lower percentage of alcohol. You can age this wine for another 2-4 years however it's fresh and delicious tasting now!

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About Lucien Albrecht:

The history of the Albrecht family as winegrowers can be traced back to 1425 with Romanu Albrecht, who was established in the town of Thann.

The fifteenth century was golden era for the Alsace wines and it was during this period that the winegrowers guild of Alsace was founded. Each year, the most deserving vinegrower was elected by the guild of the winegrowers as Bangard, a highly respected positions. It was held by 8 generations of Albrecht's, between 1520 and 1698.

Domaine Albrecht experienced a major development under the guidance of Lucien Albrecht, the father of Jean, to become one of the most important in Alsace with holdings in 9 villages surounding Orschwihr. Lucien Albrecht, extended the winery with new cellars and expanded the sales of his wines in bottles. In 1972, Lucien Albrecht was also a pioneer of Cremand d'Alsace. Today the Cremant is one of their specialities and a major part of the business.

150 years were needed to make up the Domaine Albrecht located in the very best Alsace terroirs. Jean Albrecht is now the ninth generation settled in Orschwihr, leading the Domaine.