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Date Printed: 11/27/2015
Lockwood Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2000
Lockwood Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2000
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PRICE ON 11/27/2015: $14.99

Winemaker's Notes:

As this block matures, we find the flavors are becoming more complex, with hints of dried flowers, fig and orange blossom. I like to de-emphasize the traditional grassy/herbaceous flavors and focus on our vineyard's fresh fruit qualities. A long, slow and steady growing season played a major role in concentrating flavors within the grapes.

Alcohol: 13.9% by volume

My Notes:

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About Lockwood:

Located in Monterey County, on a 1850 acre parcel of calcarious soil (called "Lockwood Shaly Loam"), Lockwood Vineyard was planted in 1981, and started producing in 1989. Lockwood is dedicated to estate bottling and, as winemaker Stephan Pessagno puts it, "wine that is fruit-forward, has good acidity and balance, and complements the best of life's food and wine experiences." The temperature fluctuations-morning temperatures can be 50 degrees and mid-day temperatures 100 or more degrees-make Lockwood able to mature both cool climate and warm climate grape varieties with unprecedented success.