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Date Printed: 4/26/2015
Lane Tanner French Camp Vineyard Syrah 2004
Lane Tanner French Camp Vineyard Syrah 2004
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PRICE ON 4/26/2015: $9.99

Winemaker's Notes:

This 2004 Syrah is the most exciting tasting of all my years of making French Camp Syrah. I always ferment and handle the grapes in a very "Pinotesque" way but it still comes out as a beautiful, elegant Syrah tasting wine..NOT THIS YEAR. Tasting this wine blind, I was unsure if it was perhaps a high end Pinot Noir. The elegance and gentility screams Pinot Noir while the mouth weight and lingering fruit finish whispers Syrah. The sweet juicy blackberry fruit is highlighted in the palate and the soft black pepper and smoke finish lingers to the next sip. It goes with almost any robust food dish and many light cream sauce dishes. Of course it turns most Asian dishes into a celebration. Speaking of celebration.try it with turkey or ham.yum-yum.It really doesn't matter if your friends think it is a Pinot or a Syrah, they WILL want more.
My Notes: