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Date Printed: 3/29/2017
Laboure Roi Les Sangliers Chardonnay Reserve 2004
Laboure Roi Les Sangliers Chardonnay Reserve 2004
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Winemaker's Notes:

The grape of white Burgundy and Champagne is now grown with great success all over the world. It is remarkably adaptable to soil and climate, and will always produce a wine with fine rounded fruit that is balanced by good acidity. Whereas in Burgundy wines made from Chardonnay may need several years to be at their best, wines from the Midi show their fruit early and should be drunk within two years of the vintage.

Pale yellow with a touch of gold

Rounded, melony fruit with a touch of pineapple

Ripe, soft fruit flavours, but a firm finish


Serving Suggestions
Serve cold but not iced, around 50 Farenheit. Drink with hors d'oeuvres, all sorts of fish, pasta, poultry and white meats, creamy cheeses.

My Notes:

About Laboure Roi :

Armand Cottin acquired Laboure-Roi in 1974. From its start in 1832, the small yet prestigious Burgundy negociant house--established in Nuits-Saint-Georges by Messrs. Laboure and Roi--had been firmly rooted in the local winemaking community, enjoying an excellent reputation for its high quality wines.

Under the leadership of Armand and his brother Louis who later joined him, Laboure-Roi has become what is today the third largest source of Burgundy wines.

A key element in the transformation and continued success of Laboure-Roi is the Cottin brothers' readiness to embrace progress, supported by their extensive investment in state-of-the-art technology. The Laboure-Roi winemaking facility in Nuits-Saint-Georges is indisputably one of the finest in Burgundy. The winery, which boasts a cellaring capacity of 2,000 barrels, supplements the house's historic cellars. Dating back to the 16th century, the ancient cellars are still used today for the storing and aging select bottles.

Laboure-Roi pioneered the concept of presenting single estate wines under each respective domaine's label. Laboure-Roi's staff of five winemakers provides these growers with ongoing guidance to ensure that each individual wine meets the house standards of quality and reflects the unique characteristics of its respective terroir.