Kazmer & Blaise

Our vineyard has been in Peter (Kazmer) Molnar’s family since the early Seventies. Carneros soils began as the bed under San Pablo Bay. The silt of marine plants and animals decomposing over time, integrating with the finest particles of eroded rock, became clay. This dark and heavy soil comprises most of the vineyard land in Carneros, but as the bay retreated and the drainage of Napa and Sonoma Valley cut through the clay, deposits of pebbles accumulated on the embankments. It is one such patch that lies under our vineyard.

Kazmer & Blaise Pinot Noir distinguishes itself within the Carneros appellation. A gravelly vineyard makes for better drainage and reduces soil compaction to allow deeper root penetration. With its roots seeking nutrients and water below the clay layer, the vine expresses its circumstance with unique flavors.

Our winemaking approach is informed by Burgundian tradition but tailored to the unique fruit of our vineyard and to the Carneros climate. Farming and winemaking in California have evolved to accommodate the generous growing conditions in which we thrive. Where Californian winemaking previously emulated the techniques that suited the cooler climate of Burgundy, we recently have redefined tradition. Both in the vineyard and cellar our approach acknowledges and embraces the differences between the old and the new worlds.

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