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The Roger family has lived in Bué since the sixteenth century. The attractive village meanders up a narrow valley to the south west of Sancerre. Wine is the occupation of at least four fifths of the village; the commune has more land under vine than any other in Sancerre. It is famous for the Clos du Chêne Marchand and Le Grand Chemarin; vineyards shared by a number of growers including Jean-Max Roger, who has a major share of both.

After studying enology in Beaune for 5 years, Jean-Max returned to Bué in 1971 to run the family estate. Since then, this short, bearded and energetic vintner has worked diligently to increase the holdings and improve the quality of the wines. About 10 years ago he took an interest in the neighbouring appellation, Menetou Salon, and purchased a few hectares at Morogues. His specialty though remains Bué. The wines are renown for their elegance and richness. As a rule they are fat and intense. Those wines originating from Jean-Max's holdings in "Le Chêne Marchand" (Cuvée C.M.) and "Le Grand Chemarin" (Cuvée G.C.) are in a class of their own with extra depth and polish. (Unfortunately due to a lack of clearly defined boundaries there is no specific appellation for "Le Chêne Marchand" and "Le Grand Chemarin". Hence the terms "Cuvée C.M." and "Cuvée G.C." on the labels.)

There is another claim to fame in Bué, the local goat's cheese, or "Crottin" as it is called. At one time the population of goats in the village was larger than that of people ! Nearly every vigneron has a goat in his back yard and no one can dispute the fact that there is no better gastronomic association locally than Sancerre with "crottin".

Jean-Max Roger also has 7 Hectares of Pinot Noir; his superb Sancerre Rouge and Rosé wines represent 30 % of his production. Le Grand Chemarin is the best source of the outstanding red wine aged in small relatively new burgundian oak casks.

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