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Date Printed: 5/22/2015
JackaRoo Big Red 2001
JackaRoo Big Red 2001
(search item no. 62083) rating: 88 points
PRICE ON 5/22/2015: $9.99

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A super deal on a juicy, fun red. From the premium grape-growing appellations in South Australia such as Clare valley, the Limestone Coast and Adelaide Hills, JackaRoo Big red has combined beautifully to produce a full-spectrum of fruit flavors. Careful selection and blending is what makes this wine so exceptional. The winemakers meticulously selected grapes from premium vineyards in the most coveted appellations and then matched the perfect blend between varietals to create an unforgettable big, bold red. This wine highlights the Australian blend's fruit driven appeal as a food friendly wine. The cabernet Sauvignon component provides the structure, the Shiraz gives a spicy fruit lift and the Merlot adds soft, rich mouthfeel. 65% Cabernet ~ 19% Shiraz ~ 16% Merlot
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About JackaRoo:

JackaRoo wines emerge from the noble idea of honoring the famous JackaRoo, Australian cowboy, and the territories they roamed. Known for their love affair with the land, JackaRoos labored from dawn, when the Kookaburra sings, to dusk and into the starry nights. Shaded by their dusty hats, they drove herds of cattle for 1000's of miles across the ochre colored landscape of the beautiful yet rugged Austrailan outback. Reminiscent of the celebrated Jackaroo, the wine is gallant, friendly and bid in flavor. JackaRoo's label is as bold and colorful as the lands they roamed-lands rugged with beauty and dotted with wild kangaroos. The sole focus of JackaRoo wines is to provide consumers with a high quality affordable wine. Although designated South Eastern Australia, JackaRoo is currently sourced entirely from premium South Australian vineyards. These vineyards are located in world-renowned appellations, including Clare valley, the limestone Coast and Adelaide Hills. Although, the wine making team reserves the right to search for the best vineyards given each varietal and vintage, the backbone and structure of future wine will always come from top Australian vineyards. The South Australian fruit results in unmatched quality for wines in this category. The JackaRoo winery is based southeast of Adelaide. Its winemakers have identified quality oriented wine growers in South Australia's premium wine growing regions to create an exceptional wine with unmatched quality. The grapes used in creation of this wine are derived from both old and new vines grown in regions close to the ocean with moderate temperatures, bright sunny days and cool evenings for maximum flavor development and balance. The quality of the grapes is owed to the deep rich alluvial complex soils that tend to be brown and red clays, highly favorable for grape growing.