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Date Printed: 4/26/2017
Jaboulet Villages Cotes du Rhone 1996
Jaboulet Villages Cotes du Rhone 1996
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PRICE ON 4/26/2017: $15.99

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As its name implies, this is a superior wine of the Côtes du Rhône, its appellation dating from November 2, 1966. Villages on both sides of the Rhône benefit from this distinction, thanks to their soil and the quality of their production. The appellation is more demanding: a minimum strength of 12.5° with a maximum yield of 35 hl/ha. This wine is fine for drinking right away, and can be held for two to ten years. The taste is very spicy, round and flavorful with rich tannins.
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About Paul Jaboulet and Aine:

Paul Jaboulet Aîné has been a trend-setting grower and shipper in the Rhône since 1834. The Jaboulet company was founded by Antoine Jaboulet, and his twin sons, Paul and Henri continued to expand the family business. The elder son ("aîné" in French), Paul, established the company in its present form and gave it his own name. Since then, the company has been run by successive generations of sons from that side of the Jaboulet family.

The House of Paul Jaboulet Aîné is one of the Rhône’s most recognizable wineries. The reputation of Jaboulet wines rests on the quality of the well-situated and well-tended vineyards, on low yields, careful vinification, and diligent aging in oak casks. The Jaboulet family prefers carefully integrated oak aging, in which the influence of wood is never allowed to become excessive. Since this is an important point, they have their own cooper who makes and maintains their stock of barrels.

Jaboulet wines symbolize robustness and elegance, essential qualities of great wines. Their crown jewel is their Hermitage "La Chapelle" which Clive Coates states "is one of the great red wines of the world." Thomas Matthews of Wine Spectator has singled out Jaboulet as a producer which "offers reliable wines across the entire range of appellations (in the northern and southern Rhône)."