About Wine Spectator Ratings With over 12,000 wines to try each year, Wine Spectator relies on a team of editors, each with regional specializations. All wines are tasted blind in their category, so editors know the region or grape variety they are tasting, but not the producer or price. Wines are only unveiled after scores are noted. The tasting panel at Wine Spectator rate wines on the 100-point scale with the final score denoting the wine's overall quality. Many wines are re-tasted to confirm initial impressions.
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  • Livio Felluga Pinot Grigio 2013
    Ships Tue, Feb 16
    • white wine
    • screw cap wine
    • Green wine
    • D91
    • WS90
  • Terlano Vorberg Riserva Pinot Bianco 2012
    Ships Tue, Feb 16

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