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Date Printed: 4/21/2015
Havens Albarino 2007
Havens Albarino 2007
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PRICE ON 4/21/2015: $19.99

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This year's Albarino recalls its predecessors: floral scents of citrus blossom, early pear, and lychee fruit jump from the glass. High natural acidity accentuates the intense, lively mineral quality that is its hallmark. Chefs often notice that this minerality makes it among the very best wines to pair with food (seafood, yes, but also anything rich or spicy, foie gras to jambalaya). And while it opens with an elegant, even austere profile, its focused and persistent back-palate fruit lingers hauntingly. At only 12.5% alcohol, this wine stays refreshing, allowing you to continue enjoying it through the bottle.
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About Havens Wine Cellars:

Founded in 1984 by winemaker Michael Havens, Havens Wine Cellars have earned distinction for its Merlot, Syrah and their Bordeaux-style red blend called Bouriquot.

Havens Wine Cellars is located just south of Yountville and a short quieting drive off Highway 29, Napa Valley’s main winery tour route. The pastoral 10-acre site located on the Mayacamas benchland includes a 7½ acre vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah grapes lovingly tended.

Our own estate vineyard on Hoffman Lane, planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah, is an interesting variation on the south Napa Valley vineyard characteristics we value so much. First, we are actually in a little warmer spot here than many of our other vineyards because we sit close to the Mayacamas foothills, slightly in their lee from the prevailing south wind. This means that our daily cooling from the marine airflow is a bit delayed, keeping us warmer for an hour or two longer than vineyards even a few miles east. On the other hand, since we sit on the east-facing slope, we don’t get the full heat of the afternoon sun like vineyards just across the Valley, five miles away in the Stags Leap District. All this combines to define what is called the “diurnal range,” or the daily swing of temperature and wind, and we think it is the single most important factor in a vineyard’s terroir. Our soils here on Hoffman Lane are deep, but include a lot of gravel in the clay loam, and thus they can dry out quickly without drip irrigation. We are still learning the subtleties of farming this site, but have found Syrah here especially well-adapted to the place.