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Date Printed: 5/22/2015
Hahn Estates Cycles Clement Pinot Noir 2007
Hahn Estates Cycles Clement Pinot Noir 2007
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PRICE ON 5/22/2015: $11.29

Winemaker's Notes:

Cycles Clement, a part of the Cycles Gladiator family of wines, is an expression of pure, uninhibited joy. The 2007 Cycles Clement Pinot Noir is vivacious with strong, lush tones of berries layered with supple notes of oak. Sturdy tannins lead to a silky, pleasing, fruit-burst filled finish; a signature of great California Coastal Pinot Noir.

The invention of the bicycle ushered in a new spirit of freedom during the late 19th century. Urban transportation became easy, fast, and accessible. The Golden Age of Cycles reached its pinnacle in the mid 1890s-the heart of the Belle Epoque. The newfound freedom of the bicycle, a benchmark for this innovative period of time, was communicated through beautiful posters created for each bicycle of the day.

The Cycles Clement poster painted in 1894 by PAL (Jean de Paleologue), one of the great Parisian artists of the day, evokes the elegance, grace, and Joy of cycling. In every bottle of Cycles Clement wine we capture the uninhibited joy that begins in California vineyards, builds over time as the wine is made and is then eventually unleashed into every glass. With Cycles Clement Pinot Noir, wine lovers now have the "Freedom to Enjoy!"

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The spectacular beauty of California's Central Coast is probably the best-known region in all of California for its unique lifestyle. Monterey County's dramatic ocean scenery, historic communities, artistic culture, verdant pine forests, and bountiful agriculture have beckoned adventure-seekers, seafarers, artists, writers and vacationers for over 100 years. And the 99 miles of breathtaking Pacific coastline is something no other California county can boast.

The wind and fog interact with solar radiation to slow grapes' ripening, producing up to two months longer growing season than in warmer grape growing regions. These conditions create fruit with more varietal intensity, flavor, depth and structure, and thus, exceptional wines. In German, "Hahn" means "Rooster" and for this reason a rooster embellishes the Hahn Estates label, honoring the Hahn Family’s European Heritage. With an inspiration to raise Monterey wines to the highest level, the wines of Hahn Estates are created with a philosophy that all great wines are special – akin to the region they were grown in. The Hahn wines celebrate everything that is Monterey – unique in thought, style and setting.