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Spice is Nice
If you've ever smelled a lychee, you'll probably recognize a wine made from Gewurztraminer. Gewurz, the german term for spice, adequately describes the aromas and flavors that permeate wines made from the grape. Mostly grown in Alsace and Germany's Pfalz region, Gewurztraminer is not the easiest vine to tend. While it ripens quickly, it also needs some time on the vine to get all of its aromas and acids balanced - which, in turn makes it more suitable for cooler climates and constant attention.

Notable Facts
Acidity is the maker or breaker of this grape. The distinct aromas and flavors give the wine depth and body, but without good acid they can be cloying and flat. Most Gewurtztraminers are dry, but so heady in aromas and texture, that they can seem sweet to one's senses. You'll also notice that the wines are deep and rich in color - the skins of the Gewurtztraminer are pinkish-red. Other than lychee, typical descriptors of Gewurztraminer are roses and perfume. It's blend of fruits and acid make it a perfect match for spicy food like Indian and Thai.

Summing it up
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Common Descriptors: lychee nut, floral, perfume

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