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Date Printed: 4/18/2015
Gallo of Sonoma Two Rock Vineyard Chardonnay 2001
Gallo of Sonoma Two Rock Vineyard Chardonnay 2001
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PRICE ON 4/18/2015: $25.99

Winemaker's Notes:

Our family's Two Rock Vineyard is located in the southern tip benchlands of Sonoma Coast, an emerging appellation in Sonoma County. Located in the Petaluma Gap, this vineyard is nestled in a climate cooler than its surroundings, and has heavy fog and winds from the San Francisco Bay that linger into the afternoon.

Our Two Rock Vineyard Chardonnay is delicate yet layered with flavor. This is a bright and crisp wine, with elegant pear, apple, and citrus flavors and a long, smooth finish. A non-traditional Chardonnay, this wine has a mineral characteristic that was imparted from the soil at our Two Rock Vineyard. An ideal choice when paired with shellfish, lighter pasta dishes, and grilled chicken.

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About Gallo of Sonoma:

The Gallo family tradition in Sonoma County began in the 1930's when Matt and Gina Gallo's grandfather, Julio, recognized the potential of winemaking in Sonoma. The Gallo family now owns eight vineyards in Sonoma County. These vineyards represent a cross-section of Sonoma's diverse micro-climates, thereby adding to the complexity and rich flavors of the award-winning Gallo of Sonoma wines.

Gallo of Sonoma wines represent the best of what Sonoma County has to offer. They are crafted with pride by Matt and Gina Gallo, Third Generation Family Winemakers in Sonoma County, California's premier winegrowing region.

50-50 Give-Back Plan
More than just a caretaker of the vines, Julio Gallo believed that his family had an obligation to protect the land by planting vineyards in a way that would preserve the local environment. His first step in accomplishing this task was to set aside as wildlife habitat one acre of property for every acre planted to vineyard in Sonoma County. Today, Julio's grandson, Matt, continues this 50-50 Give-Back Plan, managing a 6,000 acre property portfolio that balances 3,000 acres of planted vineyard with 3,000 acres of natural habitat.