Feudo Sartanna

Feudo Sartanna of Sicily is a partnership between the Sala family of Mazara del Vallo and the Sartori di Verona family. Sisters Annamaria and Clara Sala represent the fourth generation of this winemaking family.

Following their passion for the land, they chose to build their state-of-the-art winery at the center of the estate, allowing them to know exactly when to harvest the grapes and avoiding the many pitfalls of transporting the delicate fruit too far. Andrea Sartori, the fourth generation of his family, oversees the marketing of these wines on an internationally.

At Feudo Sartanna, the fundamental belief is that the future always has an ancient heart. With respect for tradition and with passion for the unique terroir, the wines are crafted to capture the spirit of Sicily. The vineyards adjoin a World Wildlife Federation nature preserve and demonstrate the fusion of a passion for nature and the vineyard, with a harmonious co-existence between wild vegetation and ordered rows of vines, a contrast that testifies how sometimes the work of man can be reconciled with defense of the environment.

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