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Date Printed: 7/5/2015
Fat Bastard Shiraz 2007
Fat Bastard Shiraz 2007
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PRICE ON 7/5/2015: $11.49

Winemaker's Notes:

A seductive red, with hints of purple. A powerful nose of dark berries, licorice and a touch of smooth oak. Generous on the palate with a robust body and notes of blackcurrant, spice and vanilla complimented by smooth, ripe tannins.

A perfect match with red meat, lamb, spicy foods and full-bodied cheeses.

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About Fat Bastard:

Thierry Boudinaud, a renowned winemaker, was sitting in his wine cellar one winter day his friend, Guy Anderson, burst in to taste the new vintage. Guy was a rebel in the wine industry believing that quality was paramount in a wine but that the average consumer hated the traditional intimidation placed by the wine industry.

The next day Thierry had Guy try an experimental wine he had left on the lees (yeast cells). Both friends had no idea that this would result is such a dramatic difference from the wine they tried the day before. It had a wonderful color and rich, round palate. Thierry exclaimed "now zat iz what you call eh phet bast-ard," he said in response to the wine.

After several more glasses of this great nectar they agreed that they could not withhold it from the public. When it came to a name only one was considered: the expression that it originally evoked, "Fat bastard." Even with the unique name and the great wine the two proceeded slowly in production. The first vintage was 5,000 cases with 2,000 cases going to Peter Click, an American bloke Guy had befriended during his world wine travels. The public on both sides on the pond loved the wine. Most people bought a bottle because of the name and returned to buy cases because of the quality.