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Date Printed: 2/25/2017
Elvio Cogno Bricco Pernice Barlolo 2005
Elvio Cogno Bricco Pernice Barlolo 2005
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The Wine Advocate rating: 93 points
Wine & Spirits rating: 93 points
PRICE ON 2/25/2017: $85.00

ratings pedigree (past vintages):
2011 Vinous / Antonio Galloni rating: 94 points
2011 The Wine Advocate rating: 93 points

Winemaker's Notes:

Barolo Bricco Pernice, named after a rock on which courting partridgesbuild their nests, is the very latest wine from Cogno. The fruit of yearsand years of hard work, it is a desire that has come true. A project —a wine from the finest vineyard in Novello, in the most historic part ofthe Ravera cru, where the exceptional microclimate makes for superbBarolo — dreamt of by Elvio and achieved by Valter.Barolo Bricco Pernice is the latest chapter in a story — Elvio Cogno's — that began in La Morra. An expression of all the technical and stylisticprecepts of the maestro himself, it fully deserves its place in the 'Riserva di Elvio'.A peculiar characteristic of Barolo Bricco Pernice is its enveloping softness, capable at once of revealing all the allure and potency of Bricco Ravera.

Ruby to garnet red in colour. Intense notes of violet accompanied by ahint of damp soil, ripe red fruit and subtle spiciness. Harmonious andwell structured on the palate with incisive yet fine, soft tannins.Already elegant and alluring when young, its silkiness and, above all,its complexity allow it to age as only great wines know how.

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About Elvio Cogno:

The Elvio Cogno winery sits on the top of Bricco Ravera, a hill near Novello in the Langhe area of Piedmont, one of the eleven communes in which Barolo is produced. The cellar is housed in an 18th-century manor farm surrounded by 11 hectares of land, all occupied by vineyards.

After a long and fruitful partnership with Marcarini at La Morra, in 1990 Cogno bought a splendid historical farm in the family village and restored it to its former glory. Today the winery nestles in a breathtaking landscape between the hills and the sky. At sunset on clear days, a wonderful turquoise horizon frames the farm like a painting. Hence the name of this exceptional wine land: 'Petorchino', or blue feet.

The Cogno family has been making wine in the Langhe area for four generations: the values of history and tradition handed down by father Elvio are enhanced by the freshness and innovation introduced by his daughter Nadia and her husband Valter Fissore.