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Date Printed: 4/1/2015
EOS Tears Of Dew Late Harvest Moscato (half-bottle) 2006
EOS Tears Of Dew Late Harvest Moscato (half-bottle) 2006
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Wine Enthusiast rating: 95 points
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Our trials of a new Late Harvest wine yeast, which we hoped would ferment well in the high brix juice proved successful, and the 2006 vintage of Moscato was finished and ready to bottle earlier than usual. What was typically a difficult 8 month fermentation process was shortened to 4 months. For the first time we were ready to bottle our famous Late Harvest Moscato in March, resulting in a release our winemaker believes to be the best we've ever produced.

This vintage opens with an explosion of aromas, including apricot, peach, apple and lilac. Flavors of peach and apricot coat the whole palate, while orange blossom essences add a delicate complexity. The rich flavors finish clean and not cloying, with a light, pleasant crispness.

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About EOS Estate Winery:

Originally named for the Goddess of the Dawn in ancient Greek mythology, EOS Estate Winery uses state-of-the-art, eco-friendly technology to craft our wine offerings. Visit the spacious hospitality center, in the heart of Paso Robles wine country.
EOS was originally built and owned by the Arciero family, who are still one of the largest wine-grape growers in the appellation. The winery opened in 1985, and was modeled after the monastery of Monte Cassino in Italy, near the Arciero family’s hometown. In October 2010, the winery was acquired by Foley Family Wines, a family run organization.
Since their introduction, EOS wines have consistently been recognized for outstanding quality. The 1997 EOS Zinfandel was named “Best Zinfandel of California” and the 1997 EOS Petite Sirah “Best Wine of the Appellation” by the prestigious 2000 California State Fair Wine Competition.