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Date Printed: 4/1/2015
Domaines Schlumberger Princes Abbes Pinot Gris 2006
Domaines Schlumberger Princes Abbes Pinot Gris 2006
(search item no. 101131)
Wine Spectator rating: 89 points
PRICE ON 4/1/2015: $24.99

ratings pedigree (past vintages):
2010 Wine Spectator rating: 92 points
2009 Wine Spectator rating: 91 points
2008 Wine Enthusiast rating: 88 points
2007 Wine & Spirits rating: 92 points
2007 Wine Spectator rating: 90 points

Winemaker's Notes:

The Pinot Gris is an aromatic wine, sometimes velvety and vigorous, both fresh and rich, it is has good acidity and ages admirably. In the mouth, it is round and persistent. On the nose, its aromas are greatly complex, fruity and sometimes slightly smoked.

The varietal is characterized by buttery, smoky aromas and powerfully intense flavors. The Pinot Gris Princes Abbés is a lush and concentrated wine with a good natural acidity. Packed with apple and tropical fruit aromas, the wine has vanilla and butter flavors with a creamy texture and a lingering spicy oak finish.

Subtle and delicate, this wine pairs well with patés, mushrooms, cream, fish and poultry dishes. It is delicious with foie gras and delicate cheeses.

My Notes:

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About Domaines Schlumberger:

Domaines Schlumberger only harvests grapes from their own vineyards and are entirely dedicated to quality, which is achieved through deliberately producing very restricted yields per hectare.

The planting and judicious choice of grape varieties, pruning the vines, constantly surveying the grapes as they ripen, and the precious care that they are given enable a strict selection to be made during harvesting. Each plot, or even each bunch of grapes, will only be picked if it is completely ripe.