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Date Printed: 2/21/2017
Domaines Schlumberger Gewurztraminer Les Princes Abbes 2007
Domaines Schlumberger Gewurztraminer Les Princes Abbes 2007
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PRICE ON 2/21/2017: $23.97

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2011 Wine Spectator rating: 91 points

Winemaker's Notes:

Probably Alsace's most famous wine, the Traminer came to us from the north of Italy and dates from the 16th century. The Gewurztraminer (literally spicy or musky Traminer) is a selection of the most fragrant Traminers and became known as Gewurztraminer towards 1950.

Light yellow with clear reflections. The wine has a youthful quality. The nose is expressive and reveals a floral dominant of rose, peony. Slightly candied, one perceives the exotic fruit, litchi and after aeration, one discovers notes of ginger and a hint of menthol.

The nose displays a beautiful typicity, without extravagance but with preciseness. The onset in the mouth is ample and soft, vigorous; it evolves on a medium with a refreshing promptness. The same flavors of exotic fruits, ginger and floral of rose perceived in the nose are found, with a slight touch of bitterness on the finish. Pair with seasoned and flavorful cuisine such as Asian/fusion cuisine, Peruvian ceviches and foods with both spice and fruit elements.

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About Domaines Schlumberger:

Domaines Schlumberger only harvests grapes from their own vineyards and are entirely dedicated to quality, which is achieved through deliberately producing very restricted yields per hectare.

The planting and judicious choice of grape varieties, pruning the vines, constantly surveying the grapes as they ripen, and the precious care that they are given enable a strict selection to be made during harvesting. Each plot, or even each bunch of grapes, will only be picked if it is completely ripe.