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Date Printed: 5/22/2015
Domaine du Clos Roussely Touraine Canaille 2009
Domaine du Clos Roussely Touraine Canaille 2009
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Winemaker's Notes:

The color is purple with a ruby hue. The nose gives aromas of red fruit, like strawberry and small ripe cherries; then evolves towards a spicier character. The palate is relatively large for this varietal with soft and silky tannins, giving warm, rich flavors of red fruit and gingerbread spiciness. The finish gives a long-lasting impression of lightly spiced cherry pie.
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About Domaine du Clos Roussely:

Domaine du Clos Roussely welcomes you to Angé in the Loir-et-Cher. After returning from New World at age 25, Vincent created the domaine which was his childhood dream. On one side, 8 hectares of vineyard had been cultivated by his grandfather 20 years earlier, and another 15 hectares surrounding an old farmhouse. He works his vineyard by respecting the the natural biodiversity and harvests by hand. The wines are both festive and surprising. He can cite "Spirit of the Clos," a selection of Sauvignon vines 45 years, "Libertine" a delight from the over-ripe Sauvignon or "Anthology of the Clos," a subtle blend of Cabernet and Cot (Malbec).