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Date Printed: 9/3/2015
Maison Dujac Fils & Pere Gevrey Chambertin 2009
Maison Dujac Fils & Pere Gevrey Chambertin 2009
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The Wine Advocate rating: 92 points rating: 91 points
PRICE ON 9/3/2015: $72.99

Winemaker's Notes:

"It is the elegance, finesse and complexity of its wines that sets Burgundy apart. My aim is to try to preserve this unique fruit and sensuality in my wines."
-Jacques Seysses, owner/winemaker

A good bottle should be a celebration. To bring out the best in our red wines, we recommend serving them at a temperature of 15-16°C (59-61°F). It is often worth decanting young Burgundies just before the meal, but we do not think it is advisable for vintages over ten years old. Please be careful, while a little oxygen helps the wine to open up, too much exposure can damage it. We hope that our greatest years will age for thirty or so years, but we don't believe in aging for aging sake!

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About Maison Dujac Fils & Pere:

Louis Seysses, biscuit manufacturer and gastronome, had a taste for good food and fine wines. His son Jacques Seysses quickly came to share his father's passion, and he decided he would not only like to drink the wine but make it as well. With the help of his father, Jacques began his career in wine with an apprenticeship with Gérard Potel at the Domaine de la Pousse d'Or. He spent two harvests there during which time he was lucky enough to talk and listen to the famous Burgundian winemakers of the times whom he greatly admired.

Possibly Jacques' greatest contribution to the Domaine has been to instill his desire to search for new ways to improve the wine and the way wine is made. Though his vinification style looks relatively simple and non interventionist, it is result of much thought and experimentation. The style of wines must be elegance and finesse, with supple and well integrated tannins. The search is for equilibrium, harmony, length and complexity! This is why the grapes are vinifed with little or no destemming, Jacques being convinced that experience has shown that, despite certain inconveniences, such as loss of color, this give the wines greater complexity.

His style is influenced by his great respect for Burgundy's terroir. His complete trust in the terroir means he tries interfere as little as possible in order to allow the fruit to fully express itself and its origins. Burgundy made great wines far before the arrival of oenology and modern equipment. Experience, knowledge and technology are here to help us remedy the imperfections of the year, but if all is well there is no reason to tamper or intervene.