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Date Printed: 3/29/2015
Domaine Chandon Brut Reserve
Domaine Chandon Brut Reserve
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PRICE ON 3/29/2015: $22.49

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To create the Réserve Brut, Chandons winemaker, Dawnine Dyer selects only those exceptional lots of wine that posses the strength and structure to benefit from four years of aging on the yeast. This extended time sur lies adds finesse, complexity and a creamier texture to the finished wine. The wine is combines ripe apple and raspberry with aromas of toast and honey hazelnuts. On the palate it finishes with a crisp, clean, slightly citrus note.
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About Domaine Chandon:

As the first American sparking wine venture by a French Champagne house (Moet & Chandon), Domaine Chandon has been a leader in sparkling wine production since 1973. Bringing hundreds of years of winemaking tradition and experience to the Napa Valley, Chandon's principal achievement has been to craft a range of sparkling wines that reflect California's vibrant regional character, yet remain true to the practices of methode traditionnelle. In 1990, the winery parlayed its experience with the classic Champagne varieties into an exciting varietal wine collection. Domaine Chandon continually strives to seek new ways to heighten its reputation as the fullest hospitality experience in Napa Valley, and to provide its guests with inspiration to entertain with Chandon at home.