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Date Printed: 4/27/2015
Desert Wind Cabernet Sauvignon 2004
Desert Wind Cabernet Sauvignon 2004
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Winemaker Greg Fries works with the goal of producing a wine that shows distinct varietal character. The Cabernet Sauvignon from the Desert Wine vineyard tends to be luxurious in both texture and fruit. This wine has been balanced through oak barrel aging and has firmness from the oak tannins which allow the wine to drink well throughout its life span.
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About Desert Wind:

The concept to create this brand began with the idea to create a blended red wine. The intent was to make a Bordeaux-like blend using Washington fruit, this objective in turn led to the creation of Desert Wind. Desert Wind was first the name of the vineyard site. It had come about simply enough, coined by Jo Ann Fries; it implied the climate in eastern Washington where the vineyard was planted. Desert Wind came to be synonymous with the superior wines it was capable of producing and thus was translated into the winery name. The theory behind Desert Wind is small lots of fruit, longer barrel aging techniques and something that is created to be very unique and personal.