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Date Printed: 11/27/2015
Cowhorn Syrah 2007
Cowhorn Syrah 2007
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Wine Enthusiast rating: 89 points
PRICE ON 11/27/2015: $18.79

Winemaker's Notes:

There's only one wine variety that's supposed to taste like blueberries, and this Syrah shows you why. The sweet blueberries are wreathed in dark black cherries and tangy blackberries as well as meaty, masculine flavors of raw beef and baked beets. It takes a full-bodied, plush-textured wine to blend so many big flavors into one tasting experience, and the vintage gave it to us in 2007. We let the wine develop its personality for more than a year in the barrel, and it will continue to evolve in the bottle -- or in your glass.
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About Cowhorn:

Like our farm, our winery is Demeter-certified Biodynamic®. That means we are always attempting to make the finest wines possible with the least amount of intervention, in the form of manipulations, chemicals, additives or ingredients. Our goal is to allow the grapes to develop into wine as purely as possible. Though we agree with this in principle for the Earth (consuming less chemicals and products), we also think that a pure process allows the essential flavors of the vineyard to be expressed most clearly. We work in the vineyard to create perfect conditions so that the fruit we produce is as pleasurable as possible. We want our process in the winery to protect the flavors that have already developed. We believe this is how truly wonderful wine results!