Cova dels Vins

Francesc Perelló studied enology in Falset and Tarragona and in 1997 he joined the technical team at Celler de Capçanes, as second winemaker. The project Celler la Cova dels Vins began on a winter afternoon in 2002, while pruning at “Els Masos” vineyard. Françesc’s father was telling stories about their ancestors and commented that it would be great to make a single wine from that vineyard as it was done in the past. Els Masos is planted to 100 year old Garnacha on licorella schiste soils (slate). Due to the small production of the vineyard, it was decided to incorporate some Garnacha from other vineyards as well as Cariñena and Syrah planted on different soils. During Christmas 2003 the family tasted the first bottle of Terròs (2002 vintage).

Celler la Cova dels Vins is located in DO Montsant. The vineyards are in Falset and Capçanes, between 300 and 700m above sea level. The wines are characterized by several microclimates, all of them of Mediterranean influence, and with drastic temperatures fluctuations between day and night. The diversity of soils brings complexity to the wines with slates bringing fruit and minerality; clay adding structure and concentration; and chalk with floral scents.

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