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Date Printed: 12/9/2016
Coppo Moncalvina Moscato d'Asti 2005
Coppo Moncalvina Moscato d'Asti 2005
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PRICE ON 12/9/2016: $19.99

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2001 Wine Spectator rating: 87 points

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Made from 100% Moscato d'Asti grown in hillside vineyards and harvested in mid-September. The must is fermented in tank until the wine has reached 5.5% alcohol. Aging is minimal, resulting in a bright yellow wine with pale highlights and a fine perlage. The bouquet is refreshing and delicate with aromas of peach, pear and the characteristic fragrance of Moscato. Moncalvina is an elegant, slightly sweet and sparkling wine.
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About Coppo:

Piero Coppo founded the winery in 1892 in the town of Canelli, in Piedmont, establishing himself as a top producer of Moscato. Piero was succeeded by his son Luigi, who expanded the company to include other classic still and sparkling wines from Piedmont, made with the native varietals of the area. Luigi also provided his winery with the facilities and equipments needed to compete in the difficult, but growing, post-war market. Today, Piero's four grandsons manage the company, successfully integrating new styles with traditional viticulture.

Just after the loss of their father Luigi in 1984, the brothers decided to focus on Barbera, releasing their own interpretation of this local grape. The prestigious Pomorosso was born, emerging as the model of the "Modern Style" Barbera, aged in oak and with unmistakable personality. Barbera, a truly native varietal, soon became the pride of the entire region.

The four brothers Piero, Gianni, Paolo and Roberto have set an ambitious goal: to resurrect the traditional red varietals from the Asti region, and to produce serious white wines with aging potential. This is a new generation of winegrowers with a new way of viewing agriculture. Although they are considered to be "Barbera specialists", they also produce an outstanding Moscato d'Asti and an excellent Gavi.