Colonnara was founded in 1959 by a group of 19 farmers. Since that time, they have been producing some of the best wines of the Marche region. The winery is near Ancona in the heart of the Marche which extends from the Apennine mountains to the Adriatic sea. The region consists of a number of large, parallel valleys. The hills that slope down toward the plains and to the sea are the site of many Castles and fortified towns.

Grapes are grown on the slopes of a valley known as Castelli di Jesi, where the "verdicchio" vine has been grown for hundreds of years. Verdicchio is native to the area and is the most important variety in the Region. Sangioveto is also grown and is generally blended with Montepulciano. Soils consist mainly of sand/sandstone with patches of clay and rock. Colonnara's vineyards are planted at altitudes of 1,500 feet and benefit from optimal microclimates and exposure to the sun.

Colonnara vineyards use environmentally compatible agricultural methods which include sulfur and Bordeaux mixture in the fight against biological agents and pests. Since it was founded, the company has introduced new production technology, but has never turned its back on the idea of quality and traditional production methods. Soil and toil, a blend that is as old as wine-making itself, are the ingredients that go into these wines. The result is refined and genuine wines of the highest quality.

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