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Date Printed: 1/21/2017
Climbing Shiraz 2005
Climbing Shiraz 2005
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Australian Wine Companion rating: 90 points
PRICE ON 1/21/2017: $10.49

ratings pedigree (past vintages):
2006 Australian Wine Companion rating: 95 points
2004 Australian Wine Companion rating: 91 points

Winemaker's Notes:

Defined by altitude, Orange is one of Australia's highest and coolest wine regions starting at 600 meters above sea level. The name Climbing is an active reference to the high altitude of Climbing's vineyard and their continual quest for greater achievement. The vines are low yield, providing intense flavors and even berry ripening.

Winemaker Philip Shaw describes this wine as "having good intense color, rich vibrant fruit and a touch of oak with intense plum fruit dominating. What I like about this wine is that under the plum, some white pepper flavors are emerging, very typical of the Orange region. The Climbing 2005 Shiraz will evolve well with up to 10 years cellaring."

My Notes:

About Climbing:

The wines of Climbing are sourced from Orange, the Australian wine region in New South Wales, located approximately 125 miles west of Sydney on the slopes of the Great Dividing Range. Defined by altitude, as well as by soil type and other more common traits of terroir, Orange begins at 1,965 feet (600 meters) above sea level, and is one of Australia’s highest and coolest wine regions. Orange is noted for intense sunlight, which, coupled with the cool growing season, results in wines of great finesse and longevity.

The name Climbing is an active reference to our high vineyard and our continual quest for adventure. The passion of winemaker Philip Shaw has unleashed the potential of the vineyard and the region.