The winemaking firm of Citra came into being in 1973 when 7,000 small growers scattered throughout the Abruzzi opted to band together to form a single wine cooperative. What they all shared in common was a commitment to win the national and international recognition they felt the wines of their region deserved.

As part of their commitment the growers delved deep into their pockets to build an impressively modern winery near the town of Ortona. Attracted to its first-rate facilities and the democratic goodwill on which Citra was founded, other local growers were swift to join the cooperative which now numbers some 10,000 growers. Further regional assistance came with the construction of fast new highways in the Abruzzi, speeding up access to Italy's ports, cities and beyond.

Today, as the Abruzzi region's most important wine producer, Citra attracts and international reputation on account of its well-made, affordably priced wines. Citra's wines have been served to such prominent figures as Britain's Prince Charles and former Prime Minister John Major.

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