Chateau Valandraud

Chateau Valandraud Winery
Château Valandraud is the fruit of an incredible amount of work done by a couple: Jean-Luc Thunevin and Murielle Andraud, passionated by the world of wines. Following the great success with their wine merchant business in Saint Emilion, they ambitioned to have their own vineyard and produce their own wine.

A combination of traditional and modern techniques are used at every step of the production: double Guyot pruning, de-suckering, thinning, green harvesting... The harvest is done manually, and lasts only a few days. A first grape sorting is done directly in the vineyard in order to pick only the ripest bunches. Once brought to the “organic” spirited cellar of Mr. Thunevin, the grapes are sorted one more time, before being de-stemmed. The following step consists in bursting the grapes. The very rich and pure must produced is run into the fermenting vats (wood, stainless steel or concrete). The winemaking of Château Valandraud takes place with regular pumping over and punching down of the cap. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the new Valandraud cuvee is poured into 100% new French oak.

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